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English-Spanish duo Denora and Miguel Saez (Spanish Pitbull ) mesmerize with Melodic Beats and Dance-Inducing Riffs

In duo with Spanish star Miguel Saez they present new pop-dance single NEW LIFE.

Song composed by talented French songwriter Philippe Maruani wich family released Hit song My Way of Frank Sinatra.

About Denora
Cannes- and Monaco-based singer, saxophonist, composer, and performer Denora enchanted music lovers across the European live club scene for several years with her rich, jazzy vocals and saxophone chops before becoming the darling of the dance music scene with a string of European indie chart hits. Grew up in a medical dynasty, Denora was the only one of her family, a “rebel” who became a musician, dreaming to be a singer since 6 years old, and following her childhood dream. During her study of vocal and saxophone, actor and dance skills, Denora was a member of various professional music collaborations, jazz, pop, rock, rap, funk bands, creating her own recognizable music style. Denora recorded 4 CD albums, one of them, jazz album “Voice and Sax”, presented on Itunes.
Her song “Needing You” was N1 single in charts of independent music charts in 2019 for 8 weeks.

Denora is an endorser for EGR Ligatura from Spain that produces professional products for sax and clarinet music instruments.
In 2019 Denora management signs a collaboration with a prestigious boutique in the center of Cannes Annah Roxxah.
This boutique dresses famous stars for Cannes Film Festivals and other prestigious Festivals with unique and high-quality clothes for women.
They create ready-to-wear and gorgeous items… This collaboration will take Denora representing this unique brand in the world with shows, presentations, concerts, media, and tv…

About Miguel Saez
Miguel Sáez, performing and recording artist from Spain, famous singer, composer and music producer.
Same as Denora, Miguel Saez had passion to music since childhood years. 
He began to sing in age of 9 years old, accompanied by a guitar and playing flamenco melodies; during his artist’s career Miguel Saez recorded 9 CD albums of Reggaetón, Latino, Pop, Dance styles, etc.
Miguel Saez was signed artist of “Universal music” and “Warner music” labels in Spain, now he works as independent artist of his own label Expresion Urbana. 
Nowdays he is N1 Reggaetón singer in Spain, and his songs are in the top of charts in many spanish radios.
Miguel Saez composed songs for other famous spanish stars, working in collaborations with many musicians internationally.

One of this collaborations became an explosive duo with Denora for many songs…

With Denora’s hypnotic voice and dance beats and energetic Latin rap influence of Miguel Saez’s voice have been mesmerizing people across Europe. Denora and Miguel Saez are excited to bring their music to new corners of the globe with a recent deal that will bring her upbeat, dance-inspired rhythms and lyrics to new audiences in the US and beyond.